Win with Haut Espoir, Massimo’s, Exclus1ves, NoMU and Jamie Who.

Wow, quite a mouthful, that heading. But then again, so is the pizza at Massimo’s. They may still be closed for a few weeks, but together with a few others & the always enthusiastic Jamie Who, we have put together a fantastic range of prizes for you in February. Limoncello, chocolate liqueur, chocolate & orange liqueur, chocolate & mint liqueur, chocolate & chilli liqueur from Massimo will keep you in search of the Buchu Brandy for a while indeed.

Now we know its still January and this competition runs for February, but we like giving you the early heads up.

We have come to the party with our Shiraz Rosé, the 2009 vintage, a Jamie Oliver book from Exclus1ves and really, just the fantastic vibe that NoMU are putting out there into the market at current. We are super happy to be a part of the experience and hope you will enter to win.

How do you win?

Pretty simple, really…

You get all of this for basically just for letting them send you FOUR beautiful FREE Pages of Recipes every single month. Take a look at THIS if you haven’t seen these Pages yet. They are simple, useful and beautiful.

So subscribe if you haven’t already but don’t, under any circumstances, miss out on all of this. It’s that simple and that good. So head over to THIS page and subscribe to win not only in the month which includes our amazing prizes, but for the chance to win every month.



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